Shopping Resale

Why do smart people shop resale?


Reason #1 Quality

If you value quality, resale can be your secret wardrobe weapon. Buying silk for the price of polyester is lots of fun. and you don't have to pay for all that national advertising, middleman profits, and store markup!

Reason #2 Variety

In resale, there are more colors, styles, designers, and sizes than any mall store could afford to offer. And you're not forced to buy only what the store buyers dictate. We even offer items from exotic places!

Reason #3 Creativity

Don't want to look like a clone of everyone who shops at the mall? Resale is for you. Your unique look shines when you choose your own style in resale. Try an interesting combination at a reasonable price. If you decide that look isn't for you after all, just re-consign it!

Reason #4 Savings

At prices a fraction of retail, your dollars go further in resale. And you don't have to wait for a sale! Bargains abound here every day. Best of all, never again will your intelligence be insulted by fictitious "manufacturer's suggested" prices.

Reason #5 Ecology

Manufacturing clothing is costly to our ecology. Fertilizers for cotton run into watersheds, fabric mills pollute the atmosphere, and dyes use harmful chemicals. even delivering new clothes by truck has a negative effect. Recycling not only saves dollars, it saves the earth.