Meet Bargain Betty

logo_Custom_2.jpgMeet Bargain Betty

She loves to save money.

She knows all about how to find the best bargains.

She loves finding the best brands in the latest styles at bargain prices.

She adores hunting for treasures.

She's going to share her secrets with you, honey!

Shop Consignment Darling

You want the best brands, right? You want the latest styles, true? The best kept secret around is Bargain Betty's Consignment Shop! Bag the best bargains on the best stuff around, and save the time and gas of a trip to the mall, too! By the way, dear, don't worry about showing up in Aunt Marge's manufacturer ever made just one of anything!

Buy it when you see it, Dear

Found something you like? You better snap it up because things don't hang around long at Bargain Betty's. Especially the really great stuff! On average it takes only 18 days for an item to be sold. These are one-of-a-kind finds, too, so when they're gone, they're gone forever...don't let the next one get away!

Shop often, honey

The gals at Bargain Betty's process about 300 items a day! You don't want to miss all the wonderful finds. Check out the NEW ARRIVALS rack first for a quick glance at the latest new fashions. but don't forget to comb the rest of the store, too. you never know what hidden treasures you may discover!!

Get in Good with the Girls!

Get to know the staff...these gals are GREAT! They know just where to find things and they are always there to help when you need them. Ask them about your account, ask them to help match up an outfit, ask them anything you like! These ladies are in-the-know! They even have a WISHLIST built right into their computer program, so if you're looking for something special they can let you know when it comes in!!

Be an INSIDER like me!

Get on the mailing list at Bargain Betty's and you'll receive newsletters and postcards about all the great promotions they have! They even have an e-mailing list for you cyber-savvy gals! Can you believe they actually mark these bargain prices down even further?! They do it all the time...and you'll know when it happens if you're an insider like me!

Be flexible.

Don't limit yourself by looking for a specific item or you might miss a great buy. Check out all the sizes! Different brands cut differently. And remember, better quality is often cut more generously. If you have an open mind you'll most certainly come away with something fantastic!

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